Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Quick Overview on Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Category Feature
Color Black, White, Yellow
Size Earbud: 17.5 (W) x 19.2 (D) x 22.3 (H) mm / Case: 38.8 (W) x 70 (D) x 26.5 (H) mm
Weight Earbud: 5.6g per earbud / Case: 39.6g
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Sensor Accelerometer, Proximity, Hall, Touch, Ear on/off detection
Battery Earbud: 58mAh / Charging case: 252mAh
USB Type-C
Speaker 5.8pi Dynamic Driver
Compatibility Android 5.0 or later, RAM 1.5GB or above
Audio Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, Scalable (Samsung proprietary)

About the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Samsung has released its new ear set, the Galaxy Earbuds, as a complement to its trio of Galaxy S10 devices that was launched at the Samsung’s February Unpacked event. It was to be expected that Samsung had focused on features that Apple hasn’t even yet to brought to the Air Pods to stay ahead of the curve, some example is, by introducing wireless charging and integrated voice assistant support.

Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

Samsung Senior Marketing Executive Elina Vives said that “the Galaxy Buds are smarter, more efficient, and better sounding than ever,” during Unpacked event.  Elina Vives also claimed that “they’re the first companion to your S10 whether you’re working or working out.”


Earbuds Specifications
  • 58 mAh battery for each bud that Samsung which last six hours
  • 252 mAh battery inside the charging case which provides multiple charges before it needs to be charged again
  • Accelerometer, proximity sensors, and touch sensors in the earbuds
  • Bluetooth 5.0

Features on the Samsung Galaxy Earbuds

One of the top features of the Galaxy buds are the wireless charging case. The case is a small and oval pill like container that snaps the buds in place with the help of tiny magnets like the Air Pods. The case can be charged by placing on any type of Qi wireless charging mat to charge. The Samsung phone itself can be turned into a wireless charger with the help of the S10’s Wireless PowerShare.

Charging Capabilities

Samsung’s own voice assistant BxBy (Samsung’s voice assistant) to play desired music or playlist without even touching the phone.

The Galaxy buds are retrofitted with the audio technology by AKG Acoustics, the company known to make headphone and microphone, to specialize in sound isolation and rich music.


The battery capacity of the earbud itself is 58 mAh and the capacity of the wireless charging case is 252 mAh. It can offer playtime of total of 6 hrs for earbuds and 7 hrs with the cradle. It can offer total talk time of 5 hrs for earbuds alone and 6 hrs with the cradle.

Battery Life

The battery type is a Li-Ion and the case can charge wirelessly through a Qi mat, the S10 phone or by a USB-C cable.

Release date and Pricing

The Galaxy Buds went for sale on March 8 for $129 in US. The users who preordered any of the S10 models got a pair for free, but that promotion is no longer available.

Earbuds Price

The Galaxy Buds come in four colors which are the simple black, white, yellow and a new Aura Glow Silver color.

The Galaxy Buds costs around Rs. 14,000 in Nepal and costs around Rs. 9,000 in India.

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