MI True Wireless Earphones

Specifications for MI True Wireless Earphones

Net Weight 58g
Impedance 16Ω
Charging Port USB Type-C
Input 5V = 1.1A
Wireless Connectivity Bluetooth 4.2
Wireless Range 10m
Charging Time 1h
Bluetooth Profiles Q/WMSX 002-2016
CMIIT ID 2018DP6155
Bluetooth Profiles BLE/HFP/HSP/A2DP/AVRCP
Earphones’ Battery Life (standalone) 3h (at 80 % volume)
Total Battery Life (with charging case) 10 h (at 80 % volume)


The new MI True Wireless Earphones is Xiaomi’s best headphones yet. The earphones are liked by many due to its simplistic and minimalist nature. This is the Xiaomi’s attempt to make a truly wireless earphones at a much cheaper price point so anyone can afford it.

This new model is truly wireless with addition of the active noise-cancelling and has all the high-end earphone features like the touch gestures, splash and sweat resistance at only €80.


The MI True Earphones come in a small case which is very light and compact. The case is probably no bigger than a dental floss kit. It opens up from the top to reveal the earphones inserted vertically. It is slightly taller that the AirPods case.

MI True Wireless Earphones Design

On the front of the case you will find a small white LED which blinks in various patterns to denote things such as pairing and battery status. The button on the right side of the case can be long-pressed for pairing. The case charges through a USB-C port. The lid that opens on the top is spring-loads that snaps shuts with magnet. So, when the lid is shut, the case won’t accidentally open.

The pair of earphones have the earbuds at the tip to stay in ear without falling even on intense movements and also to aid the noise-cancelling mechanism. The earphone has a very simple and slender design. The earbuds or ear tips come in various sizes bud one of the down sides is that the earbuds do not go all the way in in inside the ear.


Like mentioned before, the MI True Wireless Earphones can be controlled through the touch pad that is located on the side of both earbuds. Since you’re hitting a small target at the side of your head, it’s very easy to miss it just slightly.


The main and the most interesting feature of the MI True Wireless Earphones is that they have an active noise canceling feature, which can be activated or deactivated by long-pressing on the touch panel on either side.

The MI True Wireless Earphones are a decent sounding pair of earphones especially considering its price point. In many ways, these are an improvement over the sound of the AirPods.

The bass is a definitely an improvement over its previous earphones and the AirPods. The AirPods don’t give a deep bass extension due to an open-air design but these earphones don’t have that problem. The mid-range is also good but a bit elevated. It does help project the vocals more clearly, which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the user.

Battery life


The battery life of the MI True Wireless Earphones is just okay, it is not the best but it is also not the worst. Despite having a larger case and larger body for the earbuds themselves, it can only manage 3 hours of continuous playback and 10 hours with the battery with the case compared to the 5/24 hours of the AirPods. The earphones take about an hour to charge back completely.


Like mentioned before the MI True Wireless Earphone cost only about €80. In US, it costs around $72.99. In India, it will only cost about Rs. 5,000 and in Nepal about Rs 8,500 or less.

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