Identifying the Model of Your Laptop Battery

Identifying the Model of Your Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries will serve you well for a couple of years, but they need to be replaced later. With age, they stop storing their charge and become less efficient. A high-quality battery may take longer to stall than one of poor quality, but eventually, they all get there. It is because of the depletion of charge cycles that reduce every time the battery discharges and is charged again until full. If such happens, replace the battery with a much better one like the Hp notebook battery. In this post, we expound on how to identify your laptop battery's model.

How to Know the Make of your Laptop Battery

If you choose to replace your battery, it's advisable to get one that matches your laptop's model. Most people have no idea how to tell the kind of battery they are using, so here are a few methods to figure it out.

1. Check the Battery or its Compartment

It is the easiest way to know the battery you have. First, disconnect your laptop from the power source and turn it off. Take out the battery and look for any information printed on it. If you can't find any information, check the battery compartment. Some laptops have the information there, considering the battery is original and was designed for that laptop. The information given includes the type of battery, model number, charging current, and power.

2. Software Materials

Battery removal works well with removable batteries. Sealed laptop batteries can be difficult to take out, and forceful removal can cause more damages to the laptop itself. There's no need to worry because some software is available to help you determine the kind of battery your laptop needs. Notebook Hardware Control and Battery Care offer information about the battery in depth. Some of this software can be accessed at a fee or offer you a 30day free trial and then pay later. You get to find out any information about your specific laptop battery before buying a new one.

3. Laptop Dealer/ Seller

The store that sold you the laptop has details about it, even the battery. It is safe to visit the seller than to open the computer to remove the battery. Handling a damaged battery is risky as it can explode in the process. The seller advises you on the type of battery to get for replacement and avoid buying off-brands or recalled batteries.

4. Check if the Battery is Recalled

Laptop manufacturers like Lenovo have sites that provide battery information, installations, and recalls for their clients. It saves you so much time needed to open the laptop and check the battery. Also, before buying a battery, you can download the software to check if your battery has been recalled. If it on the recall list, contact the laptop manufacturer for a free replacement.


Knowing your battery type is important if any replacement is needed. Most batteries are model-specific and cannot function if fixed in a different laptop. The methods above make the process easier as they help know what to look for and exactly where to look.