Huawei band 4

Huawei Band 4 Overall Specification

Microprocessor 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 Apollo 3
OS Support Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above
Flash 32 MB
Display 0.96-inch AMOLED TFT color screen
Resolution 80 x 160 pixel
Material Recycled Silicone rubber, woven wristband
Water resistance 5 ATM
Battery 91 mAh
Battery Life Up to 14 days of use and 21 days of standby life
Charging time About 1.5 hours
Charging Port USB
Communications 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.2, up to 10m transmission
Connectivity Supports dual device connectivity
Wearing Modes Wrist wearing mode and Sneaker wearing mode
Sensors 3-axis Motion Sensors
Functions Step counting, sleep monitoring, sedentary reminders and message alerts
Basketball Mode Monitoring Vertical jump times, Vertical jump height, Take-off time, Movement speed, Movement time, Movement distance, Heat, Steps, Active time
Running Mode Monitoring Landing time, Landing mode, Landing impact, Stride frequency, Strides, Valgus amplitude, Swing angle


The Huawei Band 4 is the latest addition to the Huawei’s watches. The watch is very fitness-centric; it is very minimalistic and simplistic and does not give off any loud and flashy vibes.

Huawei band 4

It can be considered the complete opposite of the Huawei Watch GT 2 in the sense that the Band 4 and 4E are completely for fitness, notifications and reminders, it is a lot cheaper and it is simple and lightweight.

The watch was released on October 23rd (2019) and is now available all around the world and was recently made available in Nepal as well. Due to its cheaper price tag, it is gaining a lot of attention in a real faster rate.


Like we previously mentioned, the Huawei Band 4 has a very simplistic design and is not flashy at all. It has a similar form factor similar to many of the fitness tracker watches in the market but has many distinguishing features.

Huawei made the watch to have a very slim and sleek design. The main attraction is the vertical rectangle display which has a little boxier design with a physical home button and the bottom of the display. Excluding the straps, the dimensions of the watch are only about 56 mm in length, 18.5 mm in width and 12.5 in thickness.

The straps for the watch are completely modular and the straps themselves are silicone woven wristband said to be made with recycled fiber. The strap is 123 mm long for one end and 85 mm long for the other and its width is about 17 mm.

The watch is very slim and small and only weighs around 24 gm. The watch and straps are available in three different color variants which are the Graphite Black, Amber Sunrise and Sakura Pink.


Coming to the display, the Huawei Band 4 has a vertical rectangular form with rounded corners. The watch has a small rounded rectangular home button on the chin. By detaching the front/bottom strap, the USB be interface can be revealed.


The display is a 0.96-inch AMOLED TFT color screen with a resolution of 80 x 160 pixels. There is not much to say about the display since it is very simple and minimal like mention many times. The body which houses the display only weighs around 20 gm and is only 56 mm long, 18.5 mm wide and 12.5 mm thick.

The body and the display are actually 5ATM-rated waterproof that means it can resist water up to of 50 meters under ISO standard.


The Huawei Band 4 has a 91 mAh battery which is said to have a standby life of about 21 days. With frequent usage the watch can last up to 14 days and when features are enabled and used to maximum it can survive up to 7 – 9 days.


The watch can be charged through a USB which, life mentioned earlier can be accessed by detaching the bottom strap and can take up to 1.5 – 2 hours to fully charged.


The Huawei band 4 operate on a 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4 Apollo 3 microprocessor chip. It is compatible with android versions of 4.4 and above and iOS versions 9 and above. The watch has a flash memory of 32 MB and 1 MB ROM.

It has a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.2 which has up to 10m transmission. It also supports dual device connectivity. It has two wearing modes, namely the Wrist wearing mode and Sneaker wearing mode and also has two monitoring modes which are the Basketball mode monitoring and Running mode monitoring.


  • The Huawei Band 4 has a 3-axis acceleration sensor with the addition of Infrared wear sensor and the Optical heart rate sensor
  • The battery can survive screen is checked briefly 200 times a day, 50 messages a day, 3 calls a day and 3 alarms a day according to the Huawei themselves.
  • Its ambient operating temperature is -10 °C to +45 °C.
  • Other noticeable features are the HUAWEI TruSleep feature, Heart rate monitoring (Smart mode) feature and standard Raise wrist to wake screen feature.


The most attractive factor of this Huawei Band 4 is its price range. The watch was launched with a price tag of only $ 27, which is the cheapest it can get for a fitness watch. With this price tag, it can rival almost all other fitness tracker watches in the market.

The watch cost only around Rs. 2,000 in India which is absolutely amazing and since its launch in Nepal on October (2019), it costs only around Rs. 4,500 and the Band 4E costs even cheaper only about Rs. 3,000.

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