Amazon echo 3rd gen

Specifications of Amazon Echo 3rd Gen

Brand Amazon
Model Echo Dot 3rd Gen Smart Speaker
Model Name Echo Dot 3rd Gen
Color Black
Power Requirement 15W
OS Compatibility Android and iOS
Speaker included Yes
Speaker size 40.6
Display included No
Network connectivity Bluetooth Connectivity and Wi-Fi Connectivity
Alexa Calling Yes
Controls smart home devices Yes
Width 99mm
Height 99mm
Depth 43mm
Weight 300GM


Amazon just came up with the new Amazon Echo 3rd Gen which introduces hands-free Alexa voice control. In this 3rd Generation model.

The Alexa voice assistant is better that ever and latest which uses the same acoustic design as the Echo Plus with all the drivers. The speaker are loud and fuller and overall has a solid audio performance for significantly less money.


The design itself is mostly identical to the earlier model the Echo Plus but it is however slightly shorter and a little wider. The body is a 5.8 x 3.9-inch cylinder.


The top panel of the Amazon Echo 3rd Gen has four buttons which are the Alexa button, the microphone mute and the volume up and down buttons. The top panel also contains six pinholes for far-field microphone. The circular top panel has a translucent light ring border that glows Alexa is talking or listening to the voice. The ring light glows orange when it is ready and glows red when the microphone is muted.

The speaker has a connector for the power adapter and a 3.5 mm audio combination.

The Echo 3rd Gen is available in black, blue, light gray and dark gray versions. The versions determine the color of the fabric grill. The blue and the light gray version have a white plastic for both the top panel and the base. The black and dark gray versions have blacktop panel and base.


It has 3-inch woofer which fires sound downwards same as the Echo Plus with a 0.8-inch tweeter.


The speakers have a pretty powerful bass. The bass is stable but has distortions on high volumes. It does not offer a palpable sub-woofer response. In songs, the vocals and snares come through above the bass which produces an incredible sound in the mix.


Amazon Alexa

The Alexa, in this new iteration is said to be more enhanced and smarter. The voice command to activate it is to simply say “Alexa”. The Alexa is ready for any of the services like for Music (from Amazon Music, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, etc.), for audiobooks, connecting with your phone over Bluetooth and using it as a wireless speaker and many more.

Alexa supports many devices like smartphones, smart lights, smart locks, smart outlets and many others. Users and also program Alexa to perform complex routines through devices or voice commands.


The Amazon Echo 3rd Gen is for retail at $100, which is $50 less than the Echo Plus but is more expensive than the $50 and $60 Echo Dot.

Amazon echo 3rd gen

In Nepal, it is expected to cost around Rs. 10,000.

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